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Mein Tag.... es war gut, ich glaube

Ich habe nur funfzehn minuten, bevor ich muss fertig bekommen (before I must get ready). Ich werde am halb zehn "Babysitten." Ja, es macht spass! lol nicht. Aber... ich werde fuer ein Deustche Familie Babysitten. Sie sind sehr nett, und ich mag Nina und Rameen, die Kinder. Vielleicht kann ich fuer Midterms studiert, wenn ich bin bei ihr Haus? Ich muss studiert!!!! Ich habe nur ein bisschen fuer Deutsch studiert. So.. ICH BIN "SCREWED!!!!!!!"

Es ist 9 Uhr, davor ich muss gehen.

Ich will auf Deutsch schreiben. Aber ich muss auch auf Englisch manchmal schreiben.

Tschuess! Ich liebe alles!!
Ich liebe Jimmy!!!
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ok, Deutsch ist kool, aber nicht SEHR kool. Du muss auch auf Englisch manchmal schreiben, nicht auf Deutsch.

WOW, that was impressive being that i haven't written in German for like....oh.....zwei jahre.

gehe mich!!!
I'm a german nerd :-D I'll only do the occasional german entry hehehe it's funnnn

ok, Deutsch ist toll/cool, aber es ist nicht SEHR toll. Du musst auch auf Englisch manchmal schreiben, nicht auf Deutsch.

Sehr gut!! Good job with your german! that's impressive for someone that hasn't spoken it in 2 years.... so did you have mr. nerz? sorry for the corrections.. it's very mean and snobby of me LOL... but I need practice correcting grammar if I'm gonna teach it next year.

What else ya got?

Here (respond to this):

Was hast du diesen Sommer gemacht? (you got up to german 3 right? ...remember, past participles use haben if they're non-motion verbs, "sein" if it's a motion verb(sein: to be... beispiel: ich bin, du bist... yadda yadda.. but you probably remember that.. just saying because I remember there was a time in my life where "sein" confused me).

And oh my freak I love SNL. LOL sorry. These people got talent. I wish I was that funny.


haha sorry that probably seems REALLY random lol!
It's a rerun though... the one with elijah wood.. lol incase you've by chance seen it
uh, i know what you're asking...but forget how to answer it in the proper order, I know what to say in german, but agian, in the wrong order. But is that this past summer...or the one comming up....SOOOO long.

Yes I had Nerz, and yes, he's amazing, but not cool enough for me to stick around and fail German 4 with MARNELL "THE BITCH" HERZFELD (ask me how I really feel, oh, and how much Anthony Profeta, the TV teacher, hates her to...hahahaha, she's despised in the studio and she deserves it)
Oh, I was asking about this previous sommer.

She was THAT bad? Like I hear that she sucks from everyone... but I haven't heard that she was despised from anyone yet. How long did you stick around in german 4? Also, what would she do? Did you pay attention and do your work in her class and STILL fail?


February 2 2004, 16:30:47 UTC 13 years ago

This is sooo pathetic.. erm.. hilarious .. ;-)

your-german-speaking-friend Dom
I traveled here through the SNL community. w00tw00t for things we have in common! Add me? Visit me? : )