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Funny stuff...

Jim is a funny guy.

Basically... I showed him one of my favorite books (Bunny Bunny) ...and it's set up so that the whole thing is one conversation. Well, there are a ton of chapters.. and each chapter is one different conversation with the same two people throughout the whole book. But anyways.... so Jim starts by reading the foreword at the beginning.

"I am a very lucky Penus"
And at the end of every sentence, he adds the word penus. Then I start by making every adjective into the word "Penus" ...and we moved onto the actual conversations.... and it was pretty damn hilarious.

What will your last words be? by cum_on_bitch
Your LJ username
Your real name
Your sex
Your age
Your last words will be..."MMMM MORE FOOD!"
Created with quill18's MemeGen!


Then my friend Stacey dropped by and we scared her by talking about our creation. Jim and I love scaring people, don't we? And we still need to finish watching Blazing Saddles :)
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