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"God takes away things dearest at heart so we realize what we take advantage of" [entries|friends|calendar]
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[26 May 2004|02:49pm]
lol, I can count.... really..

I meant, THREE steps, on the previous entry, lol. And I'm too lazy to go back and edit it.

*yawn* euro time
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My life as a writer... [26 May 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a writer.
Always have been, always will be.
So, my newest goal in life is to get better and better at writing. My two big steps to achieve this are to:
1) Speak with other writers and learn from their work
2) Read
3) Write

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STORY SITES [28 Mar 2004|10:13pm]


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COMMENT PUHHLLEEAASE [08 Feb 2004|04:01pm]
NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!!!

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Mein Tag.... es war gut, ich glaube [24 Jan 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ich habe nur funfzehn minuten, bevor ich muss fertig bekommen (before I must get ready). Ich werde am halb zehn "Babysitten." Ja, es macht spass! lol nicht. Aber... ich werde fuer ein Deustche Familie Babysitten. Sie sind sehr nett, und ich mag Nina und Rameen, die Kinder. Vielleicht kann ich fuer Midterms studiert, wenn ich bin bei ihr Haus? Ich muss studiert!!!! Ich habe nur ein bisschen fuer Deutsch studiert. So.. ICH BIN "SCREWED!!!!!!!"

Es ist 9 Uhr, davor ich muss gehen.

Ich will auf Deutsch schreiben. Aber ich muss auch auf Englisch manchmal schreiben.

Tschuess! Ich liebe alles!!
Ich liebe Jimmy!!!

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Funny stuff... [18 Jan 2004|11:36am]
[ mood | cold ]

Jim is a funny guy.

Basically... I showed him one of my favorite books (Bunny Bunny) ...and it's set up so that the whole thing is one conversation. Well, there are a ton of chapters.. and each chapter is one different conversation with the same two people throughout the whole book. But anyways.... so Jim starts by reading the foreword at the beginning.

"I am a very lucky Penus"
And at the end of every sentence, he adds the word penus. Then I start by making every adjective into the word "Penus" ...and we moved onto the actual conversations.... and it was pretty damn hilarious.

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Created with quill18's MemeGen!


Then my friend Stacey dropped by and we scared her by talking about our creation. Jim and I love scaring people, don't we? And we still need to finish watching Blazing Saddles :)
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hmm... comments? [13 Jan 2004|06:32pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously.
A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love - anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like.
Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.

This is going public so that people can post annonymously. Tell me anything you'd like.... anything in your wildest dreams!!!

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[29 Nov 2003|07:27pm]
November 28th was my 16th bday. It rocked my socks.
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9/11 [11 Sep 2003|10:27pm]
[ mood | proud ]

I am about to pay tribute to 9/11. Thought I should. I was in Science class when Mr. Hughs (principal of VF) came on and said that two planes had crashed. I had figured that they were two small planes. Then in English Mrs. Schambelan was discussing how real people were in those COMMERCIAL (that was the first time I knew what a commercial plane was) airflights... and they all died including the highjackers. I was inspired to write a story on it.

And so in 40 - or even 10 or 20 - years when the future "youth of the nation" (not the song) forgets about this date, I'd like to just have it here for a later reference in time. Maybe to show some people what it meant to be in my society as a young teenager in the year 2003; how people took acknowledge of this date that will one day seem so random and insignificant. How, no matter what really caused this day (because no one ever knows besides certain people who could all be dead right about now), it STILL effected MANY ORDINARY people... and those people will never forget.

So in honor of this special date... I'd just like to say that I took the time out of my busy day to know that all of those people died with pride; the same way in which their families continue to live.
This one goes public.

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Friends Only [21 Aug 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

As of August 21st, 2003.... this journal is no longer open to the public. I have made it Friends Only for a few good reasons. If you have a livejournal and wish me to add you to my friends list (if you're not already on there), then I'll add you! Just leave a comment and consider it done! :-D


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